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    1. North River Mills/Ice Mt. Festival 2022
    2. Stephanie Bailes N. River Mills Research 1990
    3. Remembering Miss Jennie by Enola Grapes Smith/ or the downloadable version
    4. N. River Mills U. Methodist website and history.
    5. Ice Mt. website.
    6. C.C. Hall's History of N. River Mills @ Historic Hampshire and his Photo Tour of North River Mills.
    7. Misc. NRMills History.
    8. The Kumps of North River Mills, Bible, bridge, cemetery.
    9. The Millers of North River Mills,
    10. Maud Pugh,
    11. cemeteries,
    12. Historic Trace 2016,
    13. North River Mills Post Office.
    14. Donna Baker Remembers North River Mills.
    15. An Oral History: North River Mills, Steve & Terry Bailes. (Script)

    1. N. River Mills from Wilmer Kerns, Mary Miller, and Alice Smith Gesford.
    2. "Likely" N. River Mills from Lake Henderson.
    3. Ice Mt..
    4. Historic North River Mills.
    5. N. River Mills Festival 2018

    Videos and media
    WV Public Radio's Ice Mt. segment w/ Dr. Kite and Terry Bailes.
    Hampshire Historical Society Slideshow part 1. (North River Mills is featured around 8:12
    Towns Not Forgotten: N. River Mills by John Woody
    Tour North River Mills, WV, 1991, Stephanie Bailes
       part 1
       part 2
       part 3
       North River Mills slideshow
    North River Mills podcast.

    North River Mills page.
    North River Mills group.
    Ice Mountain/ North River Mills.