Hampshire High Class of 1972

1st row: Mrs. Haines, Mrs. Miller, Mrs. Whiteman, Mrs. Fultz. 2nd r: Arleen Davis Anderson, Linda Cutlip Crouse Cather, Roxanna Combs, Joyce Barnes, Mike Bowman, Nancy Lee,Marion Anderson Mich, Rosalie Heckart Speelman. 3rd r: Lea Hott, Brenda Ganoe, Bonnie Lu Largent, Nancy Shingleton, Terry Richman, Tom Thorne, Steve Bailes. 4th r: Jim Cookman, Anne Parker, Becky Miller Fuller, Harry Lipps, Greg Davis, Bob Crouse. 5th r: Bob Kidwell, Maynard Moreland, Chuck Mueller, Glenn Delaplain, Randy Davidson.

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Golden Years Reunion Oct. 2016

Yearbook Photos

Reunion 2007

Reunion 2012

Sept. 2014


Brenda Ganoe, Roxie Evans Combs, Sandy Cornwell, Marion Anderson Mich, Steve Bailes, Joyce Buckley Barnes, Glenn Deleplain

HHSBannerBob Kidwell, Harry Lipps, Jim Cookman, Mike Bowman Terry Lynn Bailes Steve Bailes, Roxie Evans Combs, Marion Anderson Mich Steve Bailes, Roxie Evans Combs, Jim Cookman Roxie Evans Combs, Jim Cookman Marion Anderson Mich Roxie Evans Combs, Bob Kidwell, Anne Parker Lunda Cutlip Cather, Mr. Roomsburg, Arleen Davis Anderson, Mrs. Roomsburg Mr. and Mrs. Bill Roomsburg Randy Davidson, Maynard Moreland Nametags Remembering Deceased Classmates Mrs. Miller, Linda Cutlip Crouse Cather Mrs. Miller Marion Anderson Mich, Rosalie Heckert Speelman Marion Anderson Mich, Anne Parker, Betsy Dodd,Mrs. Dodd Marion Anderson Mich, Anne Parker, Betsy Dodd Linda and Scott Cather Nancy Lee Whitacre Leah Hott, Bonnie Lou Largent Joyce Buckley Barnes, Becky Miller Fuller Jim Cookman, Nancy Shingleton, Marion Anderson Mich Jim Cookman, Marion Anderson Mich Jim Cookman Mrs. Fultz, Mrs. Whiteman, Mrs. Hardy Group with teachers 2014Sept27HHS72BDayGpWave Goofy? Nancy Lee and Marion Dance Wave? Randy Davidson, Glenn Deleplain, Mrs. Hardy, Mrs. Whiteman Kathy and Bob Crouse,  Linda Cutlip Cather Uhhhh? Greg Davis, Bob Kidwell, Leah Hott Paul Clovis and Brenda Ganoe Brian Swisher and Jim Cookman Brian Swisher, Harry Lipps, Gena (Mrs. Brian) Swisher Brian Swisher and Jim Cookman Brenda Ganoe, Mr. and Mrs. Maynard Moreland Bonnie Lou Largent, Terry Richman, Leah Hott Bob Kidwell, Brenda Ganoe, Linda Cutlip Crouse Cather Bob Crouse Betsy Dodd, Nancy Shingleton Becky Miller Fuller, Rosalie Heckert Speelman, Kathy Crouse, Greg Davis Arleen Davis Anderson, Mrs. Miller Becky Miller Fuller Becky Miller Fuller Becky Miller Fuller, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mueller Kathy and Bob Crouse Greg Davis, Jim Cookman, Tom Thorne friend, Maynard Moreland, Arleen Davis Anderson Arleen Anderson Marion Anderson Mich, Rosalie Heckert Speelman and Roxie Evans Combs Scott Cather and Carol Fultz Roxanne Evans Combs Joyce Buckley Barnes Glenn Brenda Ganoe Burl Cornwell

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