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Rain Crow
Warm the Children" Benefit Concert at Capon Bridge Community Center March 2012.
"Pretty Woman July 2012
Hound Dog Oct. 2012, CB Community Bldg. Food Pantry Benefit.
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1956 Terry Lynn Ryan
Terry Lynn Ryan
Heather Ryan
Heather Ryan Bailes 1979 8 mm movie


Charlie Bob

1991? Steph God and Country Award; North River Mills United Methodist
Blackwater Falls, Fairfax Stone, Saddle Mt. Caudy's Castle, Sept. 2009
2009 Aug Dolly Sods w/ Mike & Judy Rose
2009 Sept Retirement Vacation With Kids
2009 Sept. Vacation with Kids
Carolinas Sneak-a-way Oct. 2009
In My Mind I'm Going to Carolina, Oct. 2009
Biking Washington Nov. 2009 w/ Terry Lynn
Canoes and Waterfalls Dec. 2009
Christmas 2009
hangin' with Memphis and Piper, Sept. 2010
Safari VA- Sept. 2010
Dory May

Local Stuff
Hampshire Historical Society Slideshow part 1 (1984?)
Tour North River Mills, WV, 1991, Stephanie Bailes
Tour North River Mills, WV, 1991, Stephanie Bailes pt. 2
Tour North River Mills, WV, 1991, Stephanie Bailes pt. 3
1993 March Flood N. River Mills
2007 March Snow Pinkeye
2007 Feb Bike Frozen North River
2009 June Fort Edwards Youth and History Day
Jimmy Reed: "Bright Lights Big City", Barrelhouse Bonnie and Michael Hasty, Nov. 2009
Biking Morgantown, WV. Nov. 2009. Deckers Creek Trail, Nov. 2009
2009 Dec. 19 Snow, North River Mills (No audio)
Feb. 24, 2010 Miller Barn Roof Collapses Under Snow
Madeline MacNeil June 2010 Romney Bottling Works
Founders Day Sept. 2011
2014 Jan Ice North River
Beaver No Bucket Feb. 2014
North River Mills Ice Mountain Day 2013 and earlier?
North River Mills Ice Mountain Day 2014?
Tour Hampshire County 2010?
Cornelia McDonald, the Devil's Diarist

Capon Bridge Schools
1992 Capon Bridge Jr. High Video YrBk
Cross Country Capon Bridge Middle School 2000-2006
Hampshire High Class of 2008 (Capon Bridge Middle School Mostly)
Hampshire High Class of 2009
Class of 1990, 20th Reunion Picnic August 31, 2010

fa'aSamoa 1999-2000
2006 Nov 18 Doolin Ferry
2006 Nov 18 Doolin Ferry and Cliffs of Mohr
2006 Nov 20 Cliffs of Mohr and Castle O'Brien
2006 Nov 20 at Lahinch W. Ireland
2006 Nov 22 Lisdoon Stream
2006 Nov 23 Cashel Castle
2006 Nov 24 Black Thorn performs in Kinsale
2006 Nov 22 Lisdoon Stream
Taiwan 1999

2009 Oct Weekend in the Wilderness
2009 Oct Weekend in the Wilderness part 2
Orfa Hott's 90th Birthday Celebration, Augusta Fire Hall, Dec. 2009
2009 Dec. Orfa Hott Slideshow Part 1
2009 Dec. Orfa Hott Slideshow Part 2
Ron Bowyer Retirement Party June 2012
2015 Sept Chris Duckworth
Capon Bridge United Methodist Women Jan. 2016
Heather, Osterville UMC, "Dare To Dance" May 2021

Read Aloud
A Lei for Tutu, by Rebecca Nevers Fellows and Illustrated by Linda Finch
When I Was Young In The Mountains
Horton Hears a Who!
Horton Hears a Who! conclusion

Downloadable: Biking on North River Feb. 2007 at home place; 2007 Feb25 Snow Cliff Rd. (cave);
2007 Feb25 Snow Cows; 2007 Feb25 Snow Kump Cabin; 2007 Feb25 Water;
2007 March Snow Bull Shake; 2007 March Snow Cow Drool; 2007 March Snow Pinkeye; 2007 March Snowblower