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(Aug. 15, 2021 2 clippings from the Library Benefit by Ed Maurer; Oct. 2021 Library Benefit; and an earlier library benefit.


  • Rain Crow hosted the Food Pantry Benefit in December 2015

    The community was asked to support the this year's Capon Bridge Food Pantry-- and boy! did they. The community donated over $6000.00 for the local food pantry at the Amazing Grace Baptist Church. I will always be humbled by the generosity of our community who are always willing to help their neighbors in need. Rain Crow would like to thank our local businesses who donated items for the auction. Just listing a few: Duayne Cartwright's Duayne's Allignment ; Main St Diner , Omps Grocery , The Farmer's Daughter the Capon Bridge American Legion Post, FNB Bank, Inc., Capon Bridge Public Library , Capon Bridge United Methodist Charge Women Society , Capon Bridge Family Dentistry , Augusta Lawn & Garden , Augusta Dollar General , Lambert Drug Store , Mountain Ammunition Supplies LLC , Mary Balint , Handmade Baskets by Amy Charlton , Nancy, Breana and Wendell and Mead's Special Services , Auctioneer Mike Rudolph , Jim Morris and , Bonnie Blue Restaurant , Southern States Winchester Coop , Walmart Winchester - Wal Mart Dr , Apple Tree Market , Jogail's Restaurant , Capon Bridge Fitness Center ,Mother's Daughter , Susan Sirbaugh Jaeger and S.J. Morse Co. , Riverside Auto Parts , Reeds Pharmacy Capon Bridge WV , Greg Kenney L.P.C. , Brenda Hiett's Capon Chapel Beauty Salon , Beth and Tim Reese's Taproot Farm , Carol and Gary Clark's The Kettle Stop , Greg's Restaurant , Gary's Excavating, Inc. , Capon Bridge Fitness Center , Smelser's Tree Service LLC , The Imaginarium , Jill's Barber Shop , Smiths Fruit Mkt , SK Tack & Supply , Paul & Lisa Roomsburg Valley View Greenhouse , L&R Design , Jim Stutzman Chevrolet-Cadillac Co. , Giffin Funeral Home , Ed & Sydney Maurer and the Hampshire Review , Judy Floyd Whitacre, Shirley Davy, Louise Link, Genny Lovett, Bob Smith and the Paula Nesmith estate, Kathy Haines, Terry Ryan Bailes, Nancy Ailes, Marcia Hall, Kenny Dickey, Jan Turner Dodgins, Ken Caldwell, Sandy Keene, Donald Lafollette, Deana Bozzi, and so many others.

    The pantry works so hard through the year to feed neighbors in need. If you'd like to help, you can mail donations to: Amazing Grace Baptist Church P.O. Box 540, Capon Bridge, WV 26711.

    There are photos at the Facebook event page

    Ken Caldwell posted this video. (Thanks, Ken.)

  • In November the Capon Valley Ruri-Teen Backwoods Club to play for a Toys for Tots benefit. There are photos at the Facebook event page and here.

    Toys For Tots Picture Toys For Tots Picture Toys For Tots Picture
  • In Nov. 2015, students at Slanesville Elementary met a reading goal. When asked what they would like as a reward they requested another Rain Crow concert. We had a great time. Click this link to see Clayton Thorne's photos:

  • We returned to play for the 30th Annual Fall Festival in Wardensville, WV , Oct. 10. It is sponsored by the Capon Valley Volunteer Fire Co. There are more photos here.

    Wardensvill Fall Festival Wardensvill Fall Festival Wardensvill Fall Festival Wardensvill Fall Festival Wardensvill Fall Festival Wardensvill Fall Festival
  • Rain Crow had a ball playing the "kick off" event Capon Bridge Founders Day, Sept. 25. Christov Ashton filled in impressively on bass. Then Bill Harris joined us for a few at the very end. You'll find photos at the : Rain Crow Founders Day FB event page.

    Rain Crow was privileged to play for Ricky and Shirley Davy's 50th anniversary party -- and what a party it was. There is even a video floating out in the Ethernet of Sonny and Cher. Thank you Breanna Meade for the photos.nnThere are more photos posted here.

  • Rain Crow returned to play for Romney's 4th annual West Virginia Peach Festival in August. We really appreciated the sponsorship of the FNB Bank. Here is the Facebook event page.

  • July 4, Rain Crow played again at Cox's Campground for Vic's Independence Day celebration

  • In June we played for two benefits. The Capon Valley Neighbor to Neighbor Fireman Ball (click the link for photos and details) raised over $20000.00 for 3 local fire departments. And we played at the American Legion for the benefit for Jen Crane. You can see photos here.

  • We had great time playing for the Capon Bridge High School Alumni in May 2015. There are more photos here.

  • Allie Foronda Engley posted the photo from the April 2nd annual Barn Bash/Daffodil Fest at Sylvia Catron's place. I think she raised over $1000.00 to to help fight cancer for the Hampshire County Relay for Life.

  • Rain Crow got to hang out with some younger rockers. In February, Principal Sue Braithewaite asked us to play for students who had completed an Accelerated Reading program at Slanesville Elementary School. Their mascot is the mustang, so of course, we played, "Mustang Sally." Secretary Laurie Thorne joined us for a couple songs. And we were treated to a very generous dinner gift certificate at the Slanesville Main Street Grill. Then the Slanesville STUDENTS asked that we come back for an end of the year performance.

    What an ego boost for an old rocker. The teachers were great-- dancing and singing with us and and kids.

  • My students loved the concert today! Thanks so much for coming! To quote them....." That was awesome!" I think you found a new fan base!

    Posted by Teresa Wood-Thorne on Friday, February 13, 2015
  • Then in March, Carrie Massie asked us to play for Romney Elementary School. The Romney Elementary kids and staff know how to party-- singing along, and dancing. Jim adapted the Elvis tune, "Hound Dog", singing about the Romney Bulldogs. Thanks for the Bulldog T-Shirts. And thanks to Jess Barger, for the photos.

  • Rain Crow and the Capon Bridge American Legion Post 137 hosted a benefit for the Food Pantry. Other participants included the Buck Mt. String Band (a.k.a. The Cabin group; the 3 Capon Bridge Library "Lady" Knights of Olde Hampshire; Natalie Elizabeth Spaid, guest vocalist, sang with Rain Crow. Bryan LaFollette returned to play his bagpipes.

    You'll find more photos, and you can see some of the cool stuff offered for auction at the Christmas Benefit for the Food Pantry Facebook event page. You can see Ken Caldwell's video here. (Thanks, Ken.)

  • Rain Crow again played for the Capon Bridge Founders Day in Sept. 2014 ( Facebook event page).

  • In August 2014, Rain Crow played a benefit at the Eastside Tire store. A car wash and bake sale raised money for the repair of equipment for use in the childrens' after-school exercise program." Here is the Rain Crow Rocks the Sweat Shop Car Wash Facebook event page.

  • Josh Haza filled in for Steve when Rain Crow played for Romney's Peach Festival in Aug. 2014 You can see Ken Caldwell's video here. (Thanks, Ken.)

  • We played for the Wardensville Capon Valley Volunteer Firemen's Carnival in June. One of our amplifiers caught fire. Is there any irony in burning the Fireman's stage.

  • In April, we played for Sylvia Catron's Daffodil Party. $1000.00 was raised for the American Cancer Society.

  • In December, 2013 Rain Crow had a Christmas Benefit for the Food Pantry, at the Capon Bridge Community Center . $1800 plus a basket of canned food was donated. I've said it before-- I am so glad I live in a community where neighbors are so willing to help neighbors. The United Methodist Women provided refreshments. The Community Center, the music, food and drink were donated, so all the proceeds, went to to the Food Pantry in Capon Bridge. There are photos and Ken Caldwell's video posted at the Rain Crow's Christmas Benefit for the Food Pantry Facebook event page. Or you can see the video here.

  • Rain Crow, the Cabin Jammers, and Andrew T. and the Brakes played for a benefit for Bruce and Jennifer Shaffer, in Nov. 2013, at the Springfield, WV Firehouse. The Shaffers lost virtually everything to a fire. $800 was raised, despite the nasty weather. You'll find more information and photos on the Facebook event page. Ken Caldwell shot this video at the benefit.

  • We played for Capon Bridge Founders Day, in Sept. 2013. There is a Rain Crow Founders Day Facebook event page.

  • We played for the 2013 Hampshire County Fair in August. You'll find photos on the Facebook event page .

  • We played for the Romney Peach Festival, in August 2013. You'll find photos at the Facebook event page. Ken Caldwell shot this video: approx. 28 min. "Love Potion No.9", and "Bring It On Home", "RunAway", "20 Flight Rock", "The Weight", "Country Roads", "Pretty Woman", "The Letter".

  • Rain Crow hosted a music benefit for Janet Gould & Michael Hughes in July 2013. You can see photos on the Facebook event page. Janet & Michael's home in Michigan was destroyed by fire. We played at the gazebo at Taggart Hall. Folks were so generous, donating over $2000.00. The Time Travelers, Pam Francis, Chuck Sherry and Dave Wagoner and Marion Mich performed.

  • Rain Crow played at Cox Campground, (Great Cacapon) in July, and North River Mills in June. Here is the N.R.Mills Facebook event page.

  • "Decadent Dangers and Undesirable Elements"

    Rain Crow played at the Capon Bridge Community Center in April. On Apr. 6, 1962: Russia's official NP, Pravda, warned of "decadent dangers of the new "twist" dance craze." On Apr. 6, 1983: Reagan's sec. of the Interior canceled The Beach Boys' July 4 performance, stating that the band would attract "an undesirable element." So we decadently welcomed the undesirable influences of spring and rock & roll.

  • "Hampshire Helps Sandy Hook" was a musical benefit to provide long-term support for the children of the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. It was held (despite the snow), in Jan., 2013, at the Capon Bridge Amer. Legion. $4000 was raised. George Constantz wrote: "We [sent] all of the proceeds to Newtown Childrens and Family Services, a non-profit, tax-exempt organization that provides long-term support for the kids and families in Sandy Hook. Musical acts of several genres will help us celebrate life." The American Legion has graciously donated the venue. All bands performed for free.

    Nancy Ailes spoke with Eileen Meeker at Newtown Youth and Family Services. "Eileen said The staff at NYFS are exceedingly appreciative of everyone's effort here in Hampshire County ...while money is flowing in now, the nation will forget, and they are very much in need of donations like yours that will help these victims for the long term. Donations like yours will also allow those who can't afford psychological counseling to receive it."

    The Time Travelers, Bryan LaFollette (and his bagpipes) and the Cabin Jammers joined Rain Crow, for this event. Lots of cool stuff was donated and auctioned.

    Negotiations were completed with Laura, Howdy's agent, so that Howdy again joined the Rain Crows. to sing the Elvis classic, "You Ain't Nothin' But A HoundDog."

  • Here are photos from a benefit performance for the local Food Pantry, held at the Capon Bridge Community Center Oct. 2012. The Capon Bridge United Methodist Women provided refreshments.