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2009 Oct Weekend in the Wilderness and 2009 Weekend in the Wilderness II

Ron Bowyer Retirement Party

Capon Bridge United Methodist Women 2010-2015


Photos from 2001: Chelsea and Meghan Grad, Mother’s Day, Christmas
Photos from the Nov. 2014 Dinner Theater    “The Wild West Adventures of Nehi Jones,” by Helen Jameson  It was presented at the Capon Bridge Community Center.
Youth-ful Group UMYF beginning 1976
December 7, 2012 (Live Nativity)
Charge Picnic July 29, 2012
Ron’s last sermon and Retirement Celebration – June 24, 2012
Moving in Preacher man Chris -June 25, 2012
April 24, 2012 (Church play)
And miscellaneous photos

2015 Trunk or Treat photos:


Easter 2016

July 2016 Picnic

2016 Trunk or Treat 

2016 Live Nativity

Capon Bridge from Dottie Spencer


Laura at 40 (not)

This is Shepherd student, Laura, imagining what it would be like to be really old– 40!

Mrs. Adams birthday 1980

Mrs. Adams birthday 1980: Terry, Eeun Hee, Cindy, Steve, Gertrude Ward, Steph, Tilly Coryell, Mrs. Smith, Heather, John Coryell

Laura @Vicki and Glen's Baby Shower Jan. 1983

Laura @Vicki and Glen’s Baby Shower Jan. 1983

Glen Davis 1982

Glen Davis 1982


Laura imagines 40

1980 CB Methodist Church Edna Shobe, Virginia Lovett, Terry The Shepherd College student imagines what it would be like to be “old” (40!)

1978 CB UMYF @ Bailes' Farm

1978 CB UMYF @ Bailes’ Farm


1977 C.B. U. Methodist Youth Group @ Wayside Theater, "Godspell"

1977 C.B. U. Methodist Youth Group @ Wayside Theater, “Godspell”. (moving up stairs: Laura, Tammy, Susan, Song Soo, Rob, Jan, BC, Cindy, Eeun Hee

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