The Hampshire Review has allowed me to blog about eating insects and  entomophagical (isn’t that a cool word?) dishes and products hereEnto Treats 

If you want a large order/cheaper price– you might check out the Bug Co-op

Upcoming Events

Here is a listing of events around the world.
If you would like to help host an event– we can talk.
I listed some of my past bug events at the bottom of this page.


Cocina on Market (Facebook), Leesburg, VA. Website (temporarily closed?)

Oyamel Cocina Mexicana  serves Chapulines in D.C.

The Welsh Rabbit Bistro & Cheese Shop, Fort Collins, CO.


AaronPauling.com & Facebook cockroaches, AZ. Featured on Chef PV‘s ep. 7 of Buggin’ Out.   

All Things Bugs Midwest City, OK

Aspire Facebook: Aspire Food Group Aketta Facebook (note to self: FB msg) 

Bassetts Cricket Ranch CA  Live Crickets and larva Bassett’s Facebook

Biblical Protein and B. P. Facebook and B. P. Twitter, NYC and Isreal.

Bitty Foods – bitty cricket flour, Facebook:  Bitty Foods

Bold Foods; Facebook: Bold Foods

Bug Eater Foods Jump Cricket Protein . Facebook; twitter: @bugeaterfoods, Promo code (Steve15) saves 15% Lincoln, NE. Temporarily closed.

Bug Out, Oakland, CA, bugoutbar Facebook. New Bug Out Bar customers get 30% off their 1st purchase w/ code ENTOTREATS30.  Bug Out Bars Instagram 40% OFF new customers, code: INSTABUG. Maybe closed.

Bugs Inc.  Facebook: Bugs Inc. Twitter: @bigbugsinc

Calico Cricket Farms   Calico Cricket Farm Facebook
Chapafarms;  Twitter: @chapafarms Vancouver, BC
Chapul protein bars UT,  Facebook: Chapul info@chapul.com Featured on SharkTank

Chirps  Facebook: Chirps   featured on SharkTank Twitter: @eatchirps  (note to self: email)

ChirrupsChirrupfoods Facebook

Chloe’s Treats Facebook: chloesdogtreats; twitter:@ChloesTreats; Stamford, CT.  Maybe closed.

Cowboy Cricket Farms Twitter @CowboyCrickets, Belgrade, MT  or Bozeman, MT

Cricket Flours (facebook), recipes,  Portland, OR

Crik Nutrition – Cricket Protein Powder , Manitoba,  Facebook: CRIKNutrition  Alex Drysdale

Critter Bitters or Facebook: CritterBitters  NY?

Detroit Ento

Edible Bug Farm UK,  Facebook: Edible Bug Farm

Entomarket  (Entosense, Bill Broadbeat) Entomophagy Ambassador,  Entosense Facebook (note to self: email) 

Ento Vida

EnviroFlight facebook twitter, Yellow Springs, OH and Maysville, KY

Etsy www.etsy.com/shop/DonBugito Don Bugito Facebook

Exo Protein bars Brooklyn, NY, Kaitlin, Nathan   Use promo code ENTOTREAT for 15% saving, Facebook: Exo  Twitter: @Exo_Protein Protein bars from cricket flour– good for you & the environment. No soy, dairy gluten or refined sugars.

Flourish Farms, on Facebook: Twitter @Flourish_Farm,  VT

Fluker’s, Facebook: FlukerFarms

Forage Pet Foods Anne, info@foragepetfoods.com Forage Facebook

Grubco  Facebook: Grubco   Fairfield, OH, Wax and Mealworms, Fly Larvae, & Crickets

Grubbly Farms  Grubbly Farms Facebook  For poultry but soon to expand market.

Gym-N-Eat Crickets  (Facebook  ) Shelby, Ames, IA

Gyminies , Faebook: Gyminies; twitter: @gyminiesprotein (Not operating?)

Hexafly facebook  twitter Ireland

Hopn Bakery  pet food, Dee Robinson, CA  (note to self: phone) 

Hopper Foods (Not operating?)

HOTLIX Candy Store, Facebook, CA

Imago facebook twitter Germany?

Jimini’s (facebook) Europe

Jiminys pet treats; Facebook; Twitter @JiminysForPets ; Anne Carlson, Berkeley, CA.

Jurassic Snacks Inc. Facebook:  Jurassic Snacks Inc. , Iceland. No longer in operation?
Merci Mercado web and on Facebook  Instagram @mercimercado_us  #mercimercado #chapulinchallenge

NextMilleniumFarms  Bug Bistro, Jarrod, twitter @entomofarm, Promo code “entotreats” saves 20% Facebook: CricketFlour/ Portland, Oregon (EntomoFarms)  and  Edible Insects, Ontario Cricket Flours (note to self: email)

One Hop Farms &their Facebook page, & on Twitter,  Ames, IA.

Rainbow Mealworm Facebook Rainbow Mealworms  Compton, CA

Rocky Mountain Micro Ranch  CO

Seek, and Seek Facebook, Robyn Shapiro, NY.

Seginus Farms Facebook Seginus Farms  and Seginus Farms Margate, FL mealworms, etc.

SENZU foods Miami

Sustainable Boost HI

Sustainable Gains Facebook: Sustainable Gains San Diego, CA.  Jason  (note to self: phone)

Taste of Bugs (FB) California

Thailand Unique

ThinkSect, Facebook: ThinkSect Portland, cricket powder

Tiny Farms twitter: @tiny_farms

Wholesale edible insects

Wonder Worm Woman Mealworms (Facebook) Citra, FL.

YesCrickets YesCrickets (Facbook) Ontario


4Ento-FEED  Swiss

Twitter: @AnaCDay

Big Cricket Farms , Youngstown, OH, Kevin Bachhuber, Facebook: Big Cricket Farms – BCF (twitter) (Consulting)

The Bug Chef, David George Gordon, chef/author OR

The Bug Project So. CA non-profit

Bugible, Facebook, and Twitter. Aly Moore encourages folks to give edible insects a try.

BugsBuffet enthusiast

Bugsfeed web and film

Bug Vivant  retail

EDIBL Nation  NJ non-profit

Entomeat Entomophagy Education Website  Thailand

Entomofago twitter: @EntomofagoZine

Ento Emporium Ontario

Entomophagy group

Ento Nation Podcasts:

Farms for Orphans, Inc

Gastrobug  Facebook: Gastrobug  enthusiasts Maddy & Brian have a great list of producers:

Girl Meets Bug enthusiast

Insectiboro twitter:@Insectiboro

InsectFarming HI (animal emphasis)

International Society for Food and Feed Insects (facebook) twitter

Little Herds Robert Nathan Allen, Austin, TX, educ. non profit, twitter: @RNAeatsbugs  and @LittleHerds  (note to self: email LittleHerds@gmail.com) A regular on Chef PV‘s Buggin’Out series 

Missouri Entomophagy

Seeds of Action and their Facebook page


Should we eat bugs? – Emma Bryce

Why You Should Eat Bugs

The Future Of Food And Eating Insects With Aly Moore

Bugs Cooking Youtube channel, Japanese with English subtitles
Kevin Bachhuber | TEDxYoungstown 
Bug Bites: I Ate Insects For A Week   Kevin Bachhuber | TEDxYoungstown 
Are Crickets Food of the Future?S tartups,NBC News, Megan Miller, Bitty 2:37
Entomophagy, Wendy Lu McGill,TEDxRiNo 9:20
Don’t bug out — challenging food taboos,Lucy Freeman & Jirina Fargeorge, TEDx 10:16

Big Cricket and Bitty (start 10 min)

Food by the Numbers Series – National Geographic

Jump Cricket Shake blind test 

How To Raise your own crickets:

Can Eating Insects Save the World BBC   

Cooking with Insects  


Washington Post, Tamar Haspel, Oct.2017, Eating bugs can help the environment. So how do we get past the ick factor?

Bugsfeed Maps, events, Directions for making worm hive (note to self: email)

fao.org Insects for food and feed

EDIBL Nation – WIX.com  Saving the Planet…One Bug at a Time. (NJ)

Running Magazine 

20 Chef’s Recipes 

U.N. Urges Eating Insects; 8 Popular Bugs to Try

Insects as animal feed:

CBSNEWS: Good grub: 13 edible bugs


Time, “Eating Bugs”

How Food Makers Are Convincing America to Eat Bugs

Bringing Bug Eating Into the Mainstream

Could cricket flour bring bug eating to the mainstream?

Van Huis

Mississippi State:Insects: Coming soon to a dinner table near you

Chef/author David George Gordon



www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Entomophagy www.wilderdom.com/games/descriptions/EatingBugs.html

I Farm Crickets, The Future Of Human Food: 7 Insane Truths

NYC Parks list: June Bug Pretty good. Very hot griddle. A little oil. Some old bay seasoning. www.ent.wur.nl/UK/Edible+insects/News+and+calendar/

http://healthyeating.sfgate.com/nutrition-values-edible-bugs-insects-9602.html NY Times www.nytimes.com/2010/09/22/dining/22bug.html

edible worms
Iowa State University’s Tasty Insect Recipes 
Cicadas to emerge this spring in multiple West Virginia counties
How to Cook Cicadas, According to 3 Richmond, Va., Chefs
Cicada Recipes: Bugs Are Low-Carb, Gluten-Free Food


Earwig Chutney – A Grandmother’s Confession

Why Eat Bugs?Girl Meets Bug

List of Edible Insects


List of cookbooks

Online recipes

Free online recipes ( $5 for the paper book at Bugs4beginners.com)

PDF of The insect cookbook: food for a sustainable planet, by Arnold Von Huis.

Past Events


2016 March 24 Cumberland Times-News

2016 March 24 Cumberland Times-News

(3 images above are from a Nov. 2015 Hampshire Review article by Ed DeWitt.) This page has information about why we should eat  bugs and where to get them. I am hoping the West will consider bugs as a possible earth friendly solution to the rapidly rising numbers of people needing nutritious food.  They are amazingly efficient, using vastly less land, water and other resources.  They are rich in protein and many important minerals. And they taste good.

Edible Insects: An Introduction to Entomophagy. Nov. 23, 2020, The Natural History Society of Maryland‘s virtual event:  Maybe you are curious, but you’re not ready to pop a bug in your mouth?  I’d love to hear from anyone who attended.

Bug Festival, June 15, 2019, , Virginia Museum of Natural History, Martinsville, VA

May, 2019 , International Culture FiestaAugusta, WV (Facebook event page).  I presented “Bugs for Dinner– Around the World,” and served various insects-as-food dishes.  Here is the blog.

In February 2019 I did a Bug Show at W. M. Irvin Elementary in Concord, NC. Here is the blog.

In December 2018 the Hampshire Review featured my bug show at Romney Elementary.  Here is the blog.

Eating Insects Athens 2018 Conference,  August 13-15th, Athens, Georgia.  “Eating Insects Athens (EIA) built on the momentum of Eating Insects Detroit (2016) by bringing together global experts and leaders in the edible insect movement from industry, academia, government, cultural adoption, and more.  It included exciting presentations on research and industry progress, an expo, several catered meals centered around insects, as well as opportunities for networking and collaborating.”

Bugz’n’Beer Town Run Tap House and Community Pub .

I served different dishes made with insect products. Steve has been a guest presenter at various venues,  but this was my first public venture into pairings with alcohol– a natural match don’t you think?2017Dec13BuzNBeerTownRunPub8 2017Dec13BuzNBeerTownRunPub11 2017Dec13BuzNBeerTownRunPub14

Terry Lynn and I served samples of bug foods: AaronPauling.com Your Source for Feeder Roaches and moreExo ProteinAketta and Aspire Food GroupBugeater FoodsCrik Nutrition – Cricket Protein PowderCritter BittersHotlix CandyIncredible FoodsJurassic Snacks Inc., Lithic Nutrition, Livin farms Hive™ CommunityEntomo Farms – The Future of FoodRainbow MealwormsCricket Candy and The Bug Bistro. We will even have snacks to take home for your dogs — from Hopn Bakery, EntoBento, and Chloe’s Treats. Tagging: Little HerdsChef PV, and The Cricket Man. (Thank you lists are scary. So many generous folks to thank, and I don’t want to slight anyone.)

You see the Facebook event page here and a TownPlanner page.  Check out the photos here.

Insect Tasting Flyer The American Conservation Film Festival 

asked me to share/serve some buggy food after a screening of the movie, “The Gateway Bug.” (Click here to see the trailer

Hilary wrote: “Attention Foodies! Insect protein is trending in the US. Come learn about it at the American Conservation Film Festival. We’ll have products for tasting available after the screenings of The Gateway Bug. Join us 3PM Sat., Oct.14 at the Frank Center AND Saturday, October 21st at 4PM at the Frank Center. ( information about buying tickets. and more info about the screening.)

In March 2018 I was the guest chef on this podcast with Entonation.

Hokie Bug Fest Oct. 2017, Virginia Tech. Blacksburg, VA.  Facebook event page.

My friend and college room mate sent me this write up about the  September Brooklyn Bugs Festival.

Alina Voronenko of WDTV Channel 5 visited Steve and Terry Lynn in April 2016.

In April 2016 I visited W. M. Irving Elementary to promote  entomophagy

In April 2016 I visited W. M. Irving Elementary to promote entomophagy

I got to return to John J. Cornwell Elementary (my 1st teaching assignment in 1972) to share my bug passion in Feb. 1917.

$513.00 was raised for the Food Pantry at the Bug Banquet, in Feb. 2017 at the Capon Bridge Community Center.  You can find photos and more here.

In Jan. 2017, Over 150 students grades 3-5 and staff of Romney Elementary  gave ear to the many benefits of entomophagy.   5th grade teacher, Carrie wrote: “Thank you Steve Bailes for coming to our school today

and educating [us] on the benefits of eating bugs!!!!!  I think you convinced Jess Barger to have bug snacks once a week!!!!!  Marleigh [Carrie’s pup] was thrilled with her Crisket [Hopn Bakery treat] !!!”  Click here for the blog  or here for Jess Barger’s Photos on Facebook .

6TH ANNUAL Hokie Bug Fest (Facebook) and web. Oct. , 2016 BLACKSBURG, VA


Culinary Insects with Entomophagist Steve Bailes.  Lindsay Brill invited me to discuss entomophagy  in Sept., 2016 at the Purcellville, VA   library

BugFest (September) 11 W. Jones St., Raleigh, NC

9th Annual Austin Bug (Eating) Festival ,  June 2016

In May 2016, I gave a presentation to the Augusta Trailblazers 4H.  Read more here.

“The 1st conference dedicated solely to edible insects to be held in the U.S.” Eating Insects DetroitWayne University, was in May 2016, in Detroit,

In 2015, Steve got to share entomophagy with the 5th graders at Slanesville Elementary.

In March 2016 Steve gave a presentation for the The National Park Service: Entomophagy – Why We Should Eat Bugs! I addressed questions such as, Should we consider an alternative food source? And if so, why? Would we eat insects if we thought we would live longer? Would we eat them if we thought the Earth could dramatically benefit. How do world leaders such as Kofi Annan, the 7th Secretary-General of the UN, weigh in on entomophagy (eating insects)? Can Americans ever over come the “ick factor”?   Bugsfeed.com listed the event.  The Chesapeake & Ohio Canal National Historical Park  also published this.  Photos are posted here.

2016 March 26 Bugs Nat. Park Service

2016 March 26 Bugs Nat. Park Service

2016 March 26 Bugs Terry, Ranger Rita Steve

2016 March 26 Bugs Terry, Ranger Rita Steve

2016 March 26 Bugs

2016 March 26 Bugs

2016 March 26 Bugs

2016 March 26 Bugs

2016 March 26 Bugs Meal Worm Hive

2016 March 26 Bugs Meal Worm Hive

2016 March 26 Bugs Meal Worm Hive

2016 March 26 Bugs Meal Worm Hive

2016 March 26 Bugs David George Gordon's Bk

2016 March 26 Bugs David George Gordon’s Bk

2016 March 26 Bugs

2016 March 26 Bugs

In In April 2016 I visited W. M. Irving Elementary to promote entomophagy.  Click here for the blog and photos.

In May 2016, I spoke to The Augusta Trailblazers 4H.  I think you can see Cindy Twigg’s photos here .  Or check out the blog here.

NYC Sept. 1-3,  “A celebration of edible insects over Labor Day Weekend with an outdoor market, speakers, panelists, workshops, lunch and dinner sponsors, cocktail reception, VIP Bug Banquet, and more!”  The Bug Chef, David George Gordon is presenting.   Robert Nathan Allen and Little Herds was part of this event.

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