December 2004
Ho Ho Ho!  Merry Christmas. Sincere if not timely best wishes.
Terry Lynn has had a rough stretch health wise.  She has been out on leave in the process of beginning retirement.
In April we got to go along to Italia for 3 weeks with a high school bunch.

We stayed in Vercelli with Oranella and Fabritzio who took us to Liguria for Easter.  Such hospitality.
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We also toured Austria and Switzerland.  We visited the Olympic village in Innsbruck.  Steve escaped serious injury
from the dreaded Austrian Attack swan.  Mange, mange, mange.  As in Samoa, eating is an art.
We learned that Italia“old” is not the same thing as American "old."  Europe thinks in terms of thousands of years,
where we generally think in terms of hundreds of years.   We also learned about gelato and Café Italiano!  Delicioso.

 Heather and Sam “renewed” in May in N. River Mills when a tornado touched down (really.)
We got to enjoy savor the 17 year cicadas.  They're very similar to soft shell crab.
Heather is preaching and Sam is computer-teching in Hanford, CA.  They added Darcy to their family.
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GrandPap Francis gave us a good scare this summer, but he’s doing well now.
Josh and Steph married near Charlotte, NC on Lake Norman.  Heather officiated.
Pepe helped with the luau theme.
Steph is working at a home for troubled youth.  Josh is an engineer for Seimens.
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In August, Steve Bar-B-Cued his leg
We visited the Trader and Aliquo 
family near Nashville, TN.
Cousin, JT and MiniMe.
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The Thomas family gained
a new member, Toby.
The family mourned the loss of Aunt Mary (Norma, Bill and Jack)
 The Perry’s introduced us
to little Sydney. 
We still enjoy sharing Samoa with school, church and college groups. 
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Sweetheart Dance @ 2004 Moonshine Ball
In Oct. we hosted a weekend church retreat a Dad’s. 
We were privileged to get to know Kaitlyn Dante on our trip to Italy.  Tragically, this beautiful young lady died in an auto accident.  But in the days following her death we learned just how much one life well lived can make a difference.Kaitlyn's enthusiasm and smile are prominent in the Italia album mentioned above.
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Steve- the 'Foamin' Samoan' Mud Wrestling for Hampshire High Seniors.
Steve's 7th gr. geography can be somewhat bizarre at times. Steve's Classroom Site
It was nice to get together with 
family and friends for Thanksgiving
 Terry Lynn put much energy into the Sun. School; virtual cruises with St. Paul and Christmas plays.
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