Capon Bridge Bobcats

I think these are Judy Judy’s photos: Capon Bridge Jr High & Hampshire High Class of 1986

2001?  Capon Bridge Middle School “Chocolate House”                           Brittany.N. and Choc.H.10.01.alex Choc.H.10.01.buds.boyer.renee Choc.H.10.01.buds.n.audreanna Choc.H.10.01.crowd CHOC.H.10.01.HOPE.N.VAL.FAR CHOC.H.10.01.JOSH.N.LOGAN Choc.H.10.01.n.Jessica.J Choc.H.10.01.popcornman.josh CHOC.H.10.01.RANDY CHOC.H.10.01.SARAH.N.KIM.text Choc.H.10.01.SB2.Tee.Swing Choc.H.10.01.Tee.Swing CHOC.H.GIRL.MIC choc.H.Oct.01.hope.n.val.text CHOChocH.luau.pianist ChocHouseRed3 ChocHouseRed4 ChocHouseRedDuet ChocHouseRedhosts ChocHouseRedJen ChocHouseRedPiano ChocHouseRedPoet ChocHouseRedTammyCindy ChocHouseRedWolford Eliz Windy n girls gp gp Logan Maryann.Ashley.Della n Pict0239 Pict0240 Pict0242 Pict0243 Pict0244 Pict0245 Pict0247 Pict0248 Pict0249 Pict0252 Pict0253 Pict0256 Pict0258 Pict0259 YMCA

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