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US's Secret Paradise

Islandtime Jan./Feb. 2016

Ipacific American Samoa

Tourism American Samoa



Samoanet Photos-

CIA � Factbook American Samoa or CIA � Factbook Samoa (formerly Western Samoa)

Country Reports Samoa

Country Reports American Samoa

Pacific Horizons School. a private, K-12 school on Tutuila in American Samoa

Welcome to Samoa News On-Line

Pago Pago Dive Club , American Samoa, Underwater Photos

National Park Service: American Samoa. 1 min. video featuring the National Park on island.


Ken Chamberlain

Samoan Sensation Samoa and their culture.


Official Webpage of the American Samoa Government

American Samoa Government official site.

Samoa Government

Samoan Government Sites

Representative Eni Falemavaega

Samoa Dictionary or

Trip Advisor "Important Phrases"

Samoan Food

National Park of American Samoa

Lonely Planet AmericanSamoa or Lonely Planet Samoa

Samoa and Apollo

Samoa Beach and Travel Guide -

Jane's Samoa Home Page historical images, culture, history, geography, mythology

American Samoa Interactive: Geog, Flag, Map , People, Govt, Econ, Transp, Commun.

Samoa travel David Stanley

Samoa Islands Hotels -Pictures Tour hotels Apia, Upolu, Savaii, photos beaches

Eco Tour Samoa

Infoplease Samoa

Infoplease American Samoa

Flagspot American Samoa or Flagspot Samoa

Samoa Workmall or AmerSamoa Workmall Intro, Geog, People, Govt, Econ

Samoa Picture Vacation Guide

Samoa Writings: annexation of Samoa by the United States; Robert Louis Stevenson

Photo Essays

Tavita's Fale! - Samoa photo essay

Performing Selves: fieldwork in American Samoa
Nu�uuli, Tafuna plains ( Pago Pago International) Photo Essay.

Amee Samoa Observatory, Trip to Tula Trip to Tula. photos essay, Tafuna

Melinda Clayville's blog
Sautners in Samoa


Tour Tutuila or

Samoan Videos or Slideshow

2 Ofu Reef Films

Coconut in blowhole

Samoa Movie

Tutuila sites

Kava Ceremony

Moving to New Zealand

"Fire Wood" by Chief Sielu Avea at Laie

Chief Sielu Avea Part1 Paul Dani�ls Magic Show

Chief Sielu Avea Part2 Paul Dani�ls Magic Show

Coconut Milk making of by Uncle Sielu Avea at Laie

How to crack a coconut

Polynesian Cultural Center Samoan Tattoos

Fireknife Dancing

Making an Umu

Pigs on Samoa

Typical Day in a Samoan Family

Fa'a Samoa: An American-Samoan Story

Fa'a Samoa: An American-Samoan Story Trailer II


Chief Sielu the Movie (Trailer)

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Laughing Samoans

Polynesian Cultural Center