Answers Glencoe Chapter 24, China name____________________________

1.      Section 1 Chinas official name? Know cardinal directions.

2.      Mountain range on Chinas border with India and Nepal?

(Mt. Everest panorama)

3.      Mountain range which runs from Afghanistan into W. and central China

Wikpedia Article

4.      Plateau of Tibet

The Roof of the World

5.      Turpan Depression

East of the Tian Shan, salt lakes, hottest area of China, 500 below S.L.

6.      Taklimakan? Gobi ?

Desert in N. China. Desert in NE China. Temps: very high and very low, Rocks and stones

7.      Manchurian Plain

in Manchuria, Northeastern China 90% of Chinas people live in N. China Plain

8.      Chinas longest River? 2nd longest? Shortest?

Wikpedia Article (Chang Jiang long river). Wikpedia (Huang He).Wikpedia

9.      Dikes? Loess?

High banks of soil along the river banks. Fertile, fine, yellow-gray soil carried by air.

10.     2 natural disasters in China? Ring of Fire? Typhoons?

Volcanoes & earthquakes. (Hurricanes) tropical storms w/ strong winds & heavy rains

11.  How many climate zones in China? What affects climate?

7- Location, elevation and wind currents

12.   How are Chinas rivers both a blessing & a disaster?

They provide travel & fertile soil, but floods cause damage & kill

13. Section 2 Communist state

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14.  2 benefits of investing in China

1) they can pay Chinese workers less 2) 100s of millions of customers

15. Consumer goods? Invest?

Products such as televisions, cars, and motorcycles. Put money in.

16. Which region has the longest growing season?


17. Tungsten


18. Capital & industrial center of China?

Wikpedia Article

19. Urban mfg. center in south China

Wikpedia Article

20. Terraced field


21.  Why are Hong Kong & Macau important?


22.  Macau was a colony of whom?


23.  When did China regain Hong Kong?


24. China is a world leader in mining


25.     The North? South? West?


26. Section 3 How much of the worlds population is in China? What rank?

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27.  Dynasty? Accomplishments of dynasties?

Wikpedia Article

28. Why was the Great Wall of China built?

Wikpedia Article

29.  Effect of Kongfuzi (Confucius)?

Wikpedia Article.

30.   Principle of Daoism? Buddhism?

Live simply in harmony w/ nature. Prayer, right thoughts & good deeds. Not want.

31. Chinese inventions?


32. Ethnic group in western China? Human rights?


33. Tiananmen Square? Led by whom?

Wikpedia Article. .

34.   Dalai Lama? Exile?

Wikpedia Article (Tibet book)

35. % Chinas people live in cities & towns? U.S.?


36. Where are most villages? Urban population?


37. Calligraphy? Pagodas?


38.  How is Chinese writing different?


39. Led Nationalists after WWII? Communists? Who won?

. R.O.C. Wikpedia Article. P.R.C. Wikpedia Article

40. Commonly found in Chinese paintings?

Wikpedia Article

41. Section 4 Taiwan?

P.R.C. Wikpedia Article R.O.C. Wikpedia Article

42. Mongolia?


43. What contributes to Taiwans economy?


44. Taiwan industries?


45. 2 things about Mongolia? Main religion?


46. Steppes? Empire?

47. Genghis Khan?

48. Capital of Mongolia? Taiwan?

49. Yurts

50. Naadam Festival?