Glencoe Geography Chapter 18 Study Guide

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1.      Define Fault.  Landlocked.


2.      Define cash crop. Enclave


3.      Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan are part of what?


4.      What is the capital of Armenia?  What makes it unusual?


5.      What is the official religion of Armenia and  Georgia?


6.      What country is split into two parts by Armenia?


7.      What do farmers grow in Armenia?


8.      What happened to the forests in Armenia?


9.      Faults in Armenian plateaus produce what?


10. What is the capital of Georgia?   Azerbaijan?


11. What kind of power does Georgia’s industries use?


12. Most people of Georgia belong to what ethnic group?


13. What are four of Georgia’s natural resources?


14. Why do people visit the Black Sea?


15. What is the official religion of Azerbaijan?


16. What do farmers grow in Azerbaijan?


17. What is the best part of Azerbaijan’s economy?


18. What is the main ethnic group in Azerbaijan?


19. What does Baku mean?


20. What are craftspeople in Azerbaijan known for?


21. What common characteristics make the countries of Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan a region?


22. Define Steppe. Where is it found?


23. Define Delta.   Nomad.


24. Define Elevation.  Clan.


25. Define Bilingual.  Oasis.


26. What countries make up the Central Asian republics?


27. When did the Central Asian republics become independent?


28. What is unusual about Lake Balkhash?


29. What two rivers are important to Kazakhstan?


30. What is the main ethnic group of  Kazakhstan?


31. Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan border what body of water?


32. What mineral resources are found in Kazakhstan?


33. What do Kazakhstan factories make?


34. What mountain range makes up most of Kyrgyzstan? (3 images)


35. What can Kyrgyzstan farmers grow?


36. What deposits can be found in Kyrgyzstan?


37. What is the capital of Kyrgyzstan?(another) Tajikistan?(another)  Uzbekistan? (another) Turkmenistan? (another) (and another)


38. What is the highest mountain peak in Central Asia? (another)


39. What are Kyrgyzstan’s official languages?


40. What is the most important activity in Tajikistan?


41. What do the farmers grow in Tajikistan?


42. What has recently damaged the economy of Tajikistan? (another)


43. What are 2 rivers in Uzbekistan?


44. What deposits can be found in Uzbekistan?


45. Uzbekistan is one of the world’s largest producer of what? (another)


46. What two regions did the Silk Road connect?


47. Of what desert is Turkmenistan part? (another)


48. What does the name of  desert of Turkmenistan mean?


49. Explain the name of the Turkmenistan desert.


50. What does the irrigation needs of growing cotton do to the environment


51. T/F The Central Asian Republics include mountains, deserts and plains.


52. What has happened to the Aral Sea?