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2. In Class
Read Ch. 8, "Social Class in the United States", pp. 196-223.
Here are some Ch. 8 resources (Ch. 10 in the new text): flashcards
Maps, Web links, practice tests, and summaries
Danielle, "What is Social Class"
Katrina, "Prestige"
Tenitra, "Status Inconsistency"
Karisa, "Sociological Models"
Christy, "Consequences of Social Class"
Sarah, "Social Mobility"
Stephanie, "Poverty"
Kristy, "Children of Poverty"

To Review
Youtube, "Weber, Durkheim, Marx & Mills"
Youtube, "Major in Sociology"
What Is Sociology? (Youtube)
Where Will You Take the Discipline? (Youtube)
Make sure you know key terms, names and concepts- clarify and differentiate
Use ALI: association, location, and imagination. Take us on a trip with strong images and "memory hooks."

Old Stuff
You might want to check out these links:
Feral children YouTube 4.5 min.
Harlow's monkey YouTube 2 min.
Jean Piaget YouTube 2 min.
Sigmund Freud YouTube 2 min.
Nature v. Nurture YouTube 2 1/2 min.

Ch.4 pp. 84-112.
Click here for the Ch. 4 Study Guide: "Social Structure And Interaction"
Printable Ch. 4 Study Guide
Printable Ch. 4 checklist (3 on each sheet)
Ch. 5 Study Guide: "Social Groups and Formal Organizations"
Printable Ch. 5 Study Guide
Related links: Robert Michels and Iron Law of Oligarchy
Goal Displacement 1 of 2
wikipedia "Six_degrees_of_separation"
Youtube, "Milgram's Six degrees of separation"
Youtube, "Why students should read The McDonaldization of Society"
Youtube, "The Importance of McDonaldization to students"
Youtube, "The Peter Principle"
Youtube, "The Asch Experiment"
Youtube, "Milgram Experiment (Derren Brown)"
Youtube, "Groupthink, Jonestown-- an extreme example"
Youtube, "Space Shuttle and Groupthink"

Tom Lehrer on Sociology (Youtube)

Here is the Ch. 6 Study Guide: "Deviance and Social Control"
Printable Ch. 6 Study Guide
Katrina, Rachel, Stephanie and Stephanie made this : Ch. 6 PowerPoint
Test Ch. 7 pp. 170-195 possible on Thursday, Nov. 18.
You might want to use these links:
Ch. 7 Study Guide: "Global Stratification"
Printable Ch. 7 Study Guide

If you're interested here is the video "Guns, Germs and Steel"
3. Click here for:
class related Video links or book links or Old Sociology Links or From the Totally Useless Dept.