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2. in class:
Read Ch. 8, "Conclusion", pp. 245-260. (test Thurs. Dec. 2.)
You may want to use the Ch.8 Notes "Conclusion" or the Printable version.

End of Semester Calendar
Thurs. Dec. 2. Ch. 8 test. This will be the final class session.

Class procedure
If there is a particular diversity topic you'd like to research, "run it by me." Please check email on mornings of class days.

Old Stuff
Jungian Typology test Jungian Personality Typology test Record personality type and observations on the discussion board.
QuickTopic free message boards
Discuss Jungian Personality Typology Test

Thomas Friedman's "lecture at MIT about "The World is Flat 3.0." 48 min. (We have about 30 min. left.)
QuickTopic free message boards
Discuss Flat World, Thomas Friedman

Click here for:
Videos relating to Ch. 2

Groupthink, Jonestown-- an extreme example " 6 min. (Youtube)
Emotional Intelligence " short (Youtube)
Emotional Intelligence " David Rakel, MD, 20 min. (Youtube)
Gardner Multiple Intelligences (Wikipedia) 
Interview w/ Gardner (Youtube) 
Overview of multiple_intelligences (Youtube)
Space Shuttle and "Groupthink" (Youtube) 3 min. 

Ch. 3 links
Ch.3 Study Guide "Personal and Social Barriers to Success" 

An Interview with Cornel West (Youtube) 10 min. 
Ayaan Ali (Author of Infidel Speaks on the need for a new Voltaire (Youtube) 10 min. 
Attractiveness Stereotype and age discrimination: Susan Boyle (Youtube) 6 min. 
xenophobia Mumbai's new immigrant victims (Youtube) 2 1/2 min. 
The Life & Tragic Death of James Byrd, Jr. (Youtube) 1 1/2 min. 
Dr. Beverly Daniel Tatum Interviewed by Katie Couric (Youtube) 1st 3 min. "Resegregation of Schools
Bishop Desmond Tutu and Sir Robert Frost (Youtube) 10 min. on Darfur
Andrew Hacker, author of Two Nation, Black White (Youtube) 2 min.
Jane Elliot's, A Class Divided (Brown Eyes, Blue Eyes) Begin 1 1/2 min. (Youtube) 9 min. total

Here are some links which relate to the chapter. You can watch them and tell the class about it, or write a reaction paper.
Double Consciousness DuBois Youtube 10 min.
W.E.B. DuBois Youtube 10 min.
Joe Feagin Youtube 2.5 min.
TV advertising - sexist? BBC spoof Youtube 1 min.
Active Listening Youtube 17 min.
Russ Peterson explains Active Listening Youtube 2 min.
Racism video

Thank you, Peggy Hawse, the Ruby Payne presenter, who gave much insight into the realities of poverty. I found many of her observations and examples very insightful. I'm awarding credit for attendance to the 2 sessions. Here is an extra credit discussion forum in the hopes that some of you will share your thoughts.
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Discuss Ruby Payne: Framework for Understanding Poverty

If you missed one or both presentations, you can do approximately 90 min. of research on Ruby Payne and send me your reactions, or better yet, post them on the discussion board above, then email me that you have posted. You can Google "Ruby Payne" for information, or here are some sites for further research: Ruby Payne's official website Ruby Payne's official website
QuickTopic free message boards
Discuss Emotional Intelligence: Daniel Goleman Fall 2010

1. Watch the rest of the "Authors@Google: Daniel Goleman" We already watched the 1st 28 minutes. So finish watching the video and then
2. write your reactions on this discussion board: QuickTopic free message boards
Discuss Daniel Goleman: Emotional Intelligence

3. Post your comments before 1:45 (the end of class). If you think of additional comments after class, email me and tell me you posted another comment. (or subscribe-- and I will be notified automatically.)
If you have any questions or concerns about this assignment, you can, of course, come to the classroom. You can do this assignment any time before 1:45 PM, Tuesday, Oct. 12.
Ch.5 Study Guide "DEVELOPING DIVERSITY CONSCIOUSNESS", or the Printable Ch.5 Study Guide
I encourage you to use the Printable Ch.5 Checklist (2 copies)
Ch.6 Study Guide TEAMWORK
Printable Ch.6 Study Guide

Related links:
Want to vote on the best website: http://bestglobalwebsiteaward.com/ ?

Ch.7 Study Guide "Leadership",
or the Printable Ch. Study Guide

Grade guidelines:
C= At least one "insightful" comment posting within the 1st 30 min. of video
B= An "insightful" comment posting within the 1st 30 min. of video, and at least one "good" response to a fellow student's comment.
A= Exceptional comment postings.

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