Diversity Ch. 8 “Conclusion”

p. 245 Intl. school

            new foods

            JMU Intl. Festival, Annually Oct., Harrisonburg, VA

p. 246 Diversity Ed- length of time to master?  Single event or class?

            Common Ground on the Hill, annual, McDaniel College, MD, Walt Michael.


p. 247 Optimal level of Diversity consciousness (DC)?  More realization?


            More or less important in future?

            Malcolm X quote

1.      DC prepares you for life.

a.       DC skills specific to just a few jobs?  Relationships?

2.      DC empowers you and others.  (Andrew’s Example)

p. 248  Box- example of Emotional Intelligence

3. DC changes view of differences (2 Examples in text plus Patrick Henry Hughes- Blind musician-- Disability?, Stephen Wiltshire draws Rome from memory, Larry King Show-Joni Eareckson Tada story, Temple Grandin- autistic cattle expert)

            4. DC prepares us for future.  (Flatter world?)

p. 249              Barnett quote

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oGsEU7e9Dtk  Superbowl 2001 w/  King Gimp, 1 min.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1g8UIZ58xR8 Dan Keplinger, interview 5 min.

                        Stultz teaching opportunity?

p. 250  Future Challenges (3)

            Traditionally, Orgs have stressed what?

p. 251  Moving from industrial to service industry- communication is more mechanical or physical skills

            1st Challenge-  Technological Change and Globalization (Thomas Friedman- The Earth is Flat)

p. 252    Challenge AND opportunity

p. 253    Knowledge of the “enemy” is power?

            Flour Program?

p. 254   2nd Challenge-  Changing Demographics in the U.S.

                        Race make up?





            Which age gp. Is growing fastest?

            Which are fastest growing racial/ethnic gp?

p. 255    How is religious affiliation changing?

            Immigrant make-up now?  in future?  Where will they come from?  NY Times attitude poll?

p. 256  Who can we more effectively change?  Others or ourselves?

            2nd Challenge- Continuing Potental for Divisiveness and Hope 

                        Harvard Prof. Dr. Robert ______, found what?

                        1st African-Amer. To earn Dr. from Harvard, W.E.B. _________, “The problem of the 20th C. would be what?”

            Box: Racial acceptance improving or not?  (Master status- dance class)

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