January 2010
Happy Groundhog's Day!
I know what you're thinking-- that I just didn't get the Christmas letter out. (Well, maybe.)
Anyway, my intent is to "catch up" friends and family if we have been AWOL for a couple years, please forgive. Maybe somebody might enjoy looking back. But it may also be old news.
Heather, Sam and Elli are still in Chicopee, Mass., where Heather is pastor. Sam still has his computer business. Charles Rhys Baker (Bubba) joined their family June 20, 2010. Due to the unexpected speed of Charlie's arrival, Elli was present at the birth.

Steph and Josh, Piper and Memphis are still in Concord, NC. Steph is running an online business featuring eco-friendly baby products, www.Nutty Brown.com . Josh works for Siemens. We got to tour the plant. He got a nice bundle for a patent he developed.

We started 2009 by celebrating Charlie Hall's 65th birthday in St. Mary's, GA -just across the river from FL. Heather and Sam's daughter, Elli was baptized on April 19th, her Aunt Stephanie's 29th birthday, and one day before Ellie's 1st birthday. The celebration lasted all weekend.

On Apr. 25 Brian & Angie Fizer were married at the Mormon Temple, in DC. Very nice to see the Fizer clan. (Photos @"2009 April 25 Fizer Wedding")

The 14th Annual N. River Mills Day was held in May 2009. Steph's family came in. Steph gave historical tours of the area. Steve played music and took people on a hay ride. Terry worked in the kitchen. Josh took care of the kids. Even Piper helped lead a tour or two up the mountain. Ice Mt. keeps us pretty busy. We are leading or coordinating hikes for about 400 people each year.

It has been exciting to watch developments at Fort Edwards. This is a French Indian War fort site in which the people around Capon Bridge and Hampshire County can take much pride. Here is a video of the 2009 June Fort Edwards Youth and History Day. (The background music is Paul Roomsburg, Jo Shanholtz Largent, Jack Shaffenaker, and Steve in 1982)
Here is a video called "Tour Hampshire County" featuring the same musicians.

Steve retired from the public schools in 2009. Steve almost missed his "special day" by running out of gas--on his bike! He was almost an hr. late to work. All the students had waited in the hall to greet him, but they were sent to their classes when he didn't show up. We surprised him by having the family come in for the school assembly-- a "chocolate house" honoring him. (#1) They also named an annual award after him. After school we had a 'Hoo-ha.'

We and the Browns attended Mom's (Ruth Bailes) Cock family's Reunion in July at Meadows of Dan, on the Blue Ridge Parkway. We went to Mabrey Mill (#2) and the old homeplace. This was Uncle Cecil's 95th birthday. We were able to get a five generation picture. (Photos @"2009 July Reunion")
A bunch of the family came in for a weekend in August. It's fun to continue making new memories at the farm.(#3) If you want to you can check out some of Steve favorite old memories when Steve reads "When I Was Young In The Mountains".

#1#2 #3

Had a nice trip to Dolly Sods with the Roses. We picked a few blueberries & had a picnic fit for a king provided by Mike & Judy. "2009AugDollySods"

We and Terry's folks celebrated our shared anniversaries on Aug. 7, 2009 @ Fort Necessity. (Photos @ "2009 August 7 Anniversary")

Kirstyn & Alex came up to help with hay, then in Sept we toured Caudy's Castle, Blackwater Falls, & the Fairfax Stone. Here's the video "Blackwater Falls, Fairfax Stone, Saddle Mt. Caudy's Castle, Sept. 2009" (Photos @ "2009 Sept Caudy's Castle, Blackwater Falls, Fairfax Stone, Saddle Mt")

In September we celebrated Steve's retirement with a family trip. He could pick anywhere in the world. His choice? 1/2 mile down the road, at the homeplace. We had a ball.(#4) This video tries to capture some of the fun. "2009 Sept Retirement Vacation With Kids" or "2009 Sept. Vacation with Kids"

#4#5 #6

In October, we visited near Charleston, SC (#7) & went gator hunting with Hal, Jake and Marlena. "Carolinas Sneak-a-way Oct. 2009" or "In My Mind I'm Going to Carolina, Oct. 2009"

We hosted the annual church camp out, "Weekend in the Wilderness," choosing New Year's as our theme. We even had a ball drop at midnight. (Ok it was a pumpkin at 9:00 PM)(#8) "Weekend in the Wilderness, Oct. 2009" or "2009 Oct Weekend in the Wilderness"


For Steve's birthday we went biking --around the DC Mall.(#9) The best surprise came on the way home when Heather called and told us, "Ellie had something to tell you." Ellie shared her new word with us-- "Bay- BEE" (#10) -- thus telling us Charley was on the way. If you have time for a virtual bike ride with us, click "Biking Washington Nov. 2009"


We also got to do a bike trip with Charlie and Sue. We biked from Kingwood to Morgantown where Francis picked us up and took us back to get the car. Mom had a huge dinner waiting for us. "Biking Morgantown, WV. Nov. 2009. Deckers Creek Trail"

In November we lost Mr. Truman, a dear family friend. A few days later we lost Terry's beloved Uncle Jack. A few hours after his funeral, Mr. Copeland, my sister-in-law, Sandy's dad died. All of these fine gentlemen will be missed.

Over Thanksgiving we met Scott & Delilah's new son, Patrick Ryan. Pat and Sandy, who also just retired, are the proud grandparents.

We enjoyed a visit from Hal and Marlena. They were here for our first snow of the season. "Canoes and Waterfalls Dec. 2009"

We had a White Christmas, a couple feet of snow. "2009 Dec. 19 Snow, North River Mills" Heather and Steph's families spent the holiday with us, 1st in Morgantown (#11), then in North River Mills (#12). "2009 Christmas" or "Christmas 2009"


My sister, Sharon had a very challenging year. She has moved, and she is courageously making great progress.

In 2010 Steve un-retired to teach 2 classes for a community college (3 in the fall semester.) He also worked for a semester at the Computer Store. He just can't seem to figure out what he wants to do when he grows up.

Terry Lynn's still very active teaching Sunday School among other activities. She and the youth finally presented their Christmas play in mid February. The Sunday before Ash Wednesday (Late or really early?) Remember the snow?

In March, despite flood waters (melted snow) covering the road, Heather & Sam visited as Heather was returning from a mission trip.

Steph joined Josh on a business trip to visit w/ the Daltons Mimi (Terry) was able to go up for a day or so.

In April Elli turned 2, Memphis 3 and Steph hit the big 3-0!(#13)


We had separate events for the 1st time: We hosted the Ice Mt. Open House in April & the N. River Mills Day in May. Later in the month we had the Moonshine ball.

We lost Steve's Uncle Kyle. (#15, Brothers, Kyle and Keith) He was buried at Arlington, Nat. Cemetery.(#16) It was a very impressive service. He was a real hero from Steve's earliest days.


As previously mentioned, Charlie was born on WV's birthday. Ellie and Steve named him Bubba like the new bull. (#17) We & Doris were in Mass. for Heather's ordination (Sat.) The introduction of Heather included a tribute to her great grandfather Bailes, who was a Methodist Minister.
We left for home Sun., and were almost home when Heather called to say they were on the way to the hospital, but she was not in labor and so they would be taking Elli (famous last words). A few minutes later we got the call that Charlie had arrived. (#18) Like her mom, Heather was only in labor about 13 min. -- no time to have someone pick up Ellie. So Elli was present at the birth. "She was kind of wide eyed and quiet," but she has already clearly bonded with Charlie. We got to go back with Alex a week later. (#19)

#17#18 #19

In August, Heather's and Steph's families joined Francis & Doris and us on the Potomac Eagle Scenic Railroad (#20). We were welcoming Charlie to the family. We were also celebrating anniversaries: Steph & Josh: 6 yrs.; Doris & Francis: 21 yrs.; Steve and Terry Lynn: 34 yrs. (we all share the same wedding date, Aug 7th) We even celebrated Heather and Sam's 7 yrs so they would not be left out.

#20#21 #22


Steve got to hang out with some of the kids he had in 6th grade 26 years ago. Here is the "Class of 1990, 20th Reunion Picnic August 31, 2010". Here is another "blast from the past: "1992 Capon Bridge Jr. High Video YrBk" N. River Mills has a new sheriff, Laura (#25), who hosted a "the N. River Mills String Jam"(#26) in Sept. The town was "rockin'?"

#25#26 #27

Speaking of rocking, Steve is now in a rock band. They were the #1 fund raiser for the library last year.(2010) They practice at the home place (so they can be as loud as they want.) Here is a clip from the Capon Bridge Library Benefit with Josh Haza and Joe Szabo playing "Ride Sally Ride".

In Sept. we had a grandchildren vacation with Piper and Memphis to Safari Land, in Lexington, VA. It was amazing how up-close-and-personal" you were with the big animals. Terry Lynn got a hicky from a camel! You can go on a virtual safari with us at Safari VA- Sept. 2010 and hangin' with Memphis and Piper, Sept. 2010

In Oct. we hosted the 8th annual Weekend in the Wilderness with church spending the night in our front yard (#28). This year's theme St. Patrick's Day (#29 with Glenn appearing as the Saint himself) Terry Lynn was in her glory. Once again this year the most asked for activity was Steve's "hayless ride" in the back of the truck.

#28 #29

We had Piper and Memphis for another few days in October.(#30) Steph and Josh hosted us overnight in Williamsburg (#31). As we were driving home, we had a little excitement as the hood flew back and busted the windshield.

#30 #31

In Nov. We stayed in VA. Beach for a weekend get away just the two us. We went for 2 days and stayed for 4. We also found the site of Mom and Dad Bailes' honeymoon hotel. We got to visit with Martha (Dave Savold's mom-- Steve's friend from DC) and Gene in Williamsburg.

Heather's bunch, the Daltons & the Ryans joined us for Thanksgiving this year.

#32 #33

We have really hosting some interesting people such as Nao (#34), biking from Vancouver, and John (#35), biking from Key West to raise money for 3rd world wheelchairs. If you would like to consider hosting bikers passing near your home, why not check out www.warmshowers.org
Terry (#36) is obviously anxious to jump in the river, but the extended cold has had the river frozen solid for months. Great for biking and skating. Not so great for canoeing or swimming.

#34 #35#36

We were thrilled to hear the news that Hathaway Mary Rose Chen Cohlmeyer was born to Joyce and Doug on Jan. 15. Wishing you and yours a fulfilling, wonder filled 2011.
With Love, Steve & Terry Lynn (January, 2011)
I do better staying in touch with email: bailessteve@yahoo.com
We are both on Facebook too.(Terry Ryan Bailes and Steve Bailes).

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